Darkhalla, Book III in the Legacy of the Ten Saga

And so the bloody battle continues…

The Havenhold Keep, the last sanctuary of magic-users, has been infiltrated by the demon lord, Warvyn, and his underworld horde. Caught by surprise, the wizards cobble together a defense and put up a valiant effort. But, the wizards grow weary and are losing ground; their casualties are high. Their magic, once all-powerful, was now practically ineffective against their enemies. They die in droves.

Ja’tar, an impetuous wizard and leader of the Keep has read the signs and suspects foul play. Against the will of the Guild, he sent a band of three upstart wizards out into the realms to investigate. Their reports confirmed his suspicions that the Ten, the self-absorbed founders of the Keep, had sabotaged their art. As magic weakens, darkness gains a foothold, and the balance of power shifts, causing a dark mage to rise from the chaos.

Consumed with thoughts of revenge for ills committed against her long ago, she has consummated deals with the Master of the Underworld, the nameless-one, for the magic she now controls. She has used her newly found powers to summon demons and beasts from the underworld realm of Darkhalla, and has unleashed them on the land of the Kings, known as the Seven Realms. Her mind is so twisted, that she is willing to pay any price to see her desires fulfilled. The nameless-one is more than willing to see that she gets what she deserves.

With the realms in disarray, most of the Keep destroyed, and but a handful of wizards surviving to fight on, the fate of the Seven Realms totters precariously on the brink of destruction.

Where to buy the physical book:

The Kindle formatted eBook $4.99:

I added the maps from the book to this page because you can click on them, see them full size, and view all the detail. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to include the map in the eBooks. There are a large number of display issues with the various formats, and I finally worked them out! I am happy with the results.

So, anyone who has the eBook can now come here and take a gander at the glorious land in full resolution. Stay tuned, this image only shows the nearest 6 realms, and is somewhat vague on detail for places yet to be discovered in subsequent books. I have already started the new maps for the fourth book, Web of Chaos, and promise it will cause jaws to drop in wonder!

Thanks! ~Scott (aka Wizard)


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