Decision time for Darkhalla

Hello everyone! My third book in the series, Darkhalla, has reached 350 pages. I am at the point where I will need to quickly decide between my two ending points. Option one requires 8 more chapters, where as the other will require 17 more chapters (to finish the rough draft). At this time, I am favoring the 8 more chapter version, which will bring in the book around 420-450 pages. Not sure I want this one to end up 575 pages+. I’ll move the other 9 chapters to book IV, which I am tentatively calling, Dark Mage Rising. None of the story will be lost either way.

My other consideration is schedule. I think I can finish book 3 with the first option by mid December, for an early January release. Otherwise…late February. Since this is another book in the multi-book epic, Legacy of the Ten, either would provide a satisfying conclusion. I’d love to hear people’s opinions…

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  • Jon says:

    Any news on a release date :) ?

    • wizard says:

      Hey Jon, It looks like book three, Darkhalla will be out end of March, maybe first week of April. I have yet to receive all the comments back from the editors. After I get them, it usually takes me a week or so to tidy up. I had originally planned this book to be only 375 pages, but it is coming in over 470. Thanks for your patience. – Scott

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