Expected Publish Date for Darkhalla is the first week of April 2013

It has been a journey. Darkhalla, the third book in the Legacy of the Ten series is almost out. It takes up where Eyes of the Keep and The Third Sign left off. I’m working on the edits, am updating the maps, and have a preliminary cover designed. What I originally outlined and planned as a 375 page book is now well over 470 pages. It seems that many of my characters had much more to say, and wanted you to know even more of the back-story of my world. That meant I had to slip the date a couple months, but the story is turning out great. I have really worked on further developing the characters and the plot is ripening as the scope reveals more of the treachery of the Ten. What were once just random events, now seem to be showing a pattern and the complicated politics of the Kings is coming into focus. My dark mage has put a devious plan into action, the world has shuddered, and even the mighty dragons are filled with trepidation. One has to wonder if a rag-tag group of wizards can prevent cataclysmic events that echo of the battles of Ror.


I know that people can get impatient while waiting for the next book of the series to come out. I thank you for your patience. Please know that I am working hard to make this book memorable. If I can get the last few hundred pages back from the editors, I can wrap this book up and get it out to Amazon in a couple weeks. I am humbled by your continued support.  Thank you all!

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