Progress Continues on Book 4, the Web of Chaos.

I am up to my ears in ideas. My fourth book, the Web of Chaos is 50% done. Now that the holidays have passed, and we have managed to survive birthday season in our house, I should have more time to write. The kids are a blast, but they consume many hours of time. We have recently started playing Guitar Hero. My daughter seems to be a natural and the son (3 yrs. younger) is showing promise. So, here is an update about what is going on with my latest adventure.

The story is progressing nicely; the only problem is getting enough hours to put it all down on paper. It is looking like it will be close to 500+ pages and is packed with action, demon betrayal and magic. There are several new characters whom I have learned to love. Speaking of characters, I read an interesting essay the other day about how to create and reinvent fantasy. They stoned the typical stereotypes; said they were killing the genre. Lucky for me, my characters don’t follow those stereotypes, they are all dysfunctional is some fashion.

As we are now in the middle of the first month of the year, I look forward to delivering another book that continues the saga, probably April or May. I want to express my gratitude to those who have read and enjoyed my books enough to keep purchasing the next edition. As a request, if you enjoyed the book, please write a short review on Amazon. The Amazon reviews are the only way that we independent authors can generate movement.

My first book, the Eyes of the Keep, made it into Amazons top 100 for Action and Adventure, and also the Fantasy category last November and stayed there for a couple days. I guess I can now claim to be an Amazon top 100 seller. I cannot put into words how thrilled I was for that to finally happen.

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