Eyes of the Keep

Book Cover, Eyes of the Keep

The First Book in the Legacy of the Ten Saga

Tar’ac ran. He ran for all he was worth, his face stretched in horror, contorted by fear and grimaced from the exertion. In the dark of the night, he ran.”

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The demons have returned and are ravaging the countryside.  The realms appear to be under siege by unknown forces, and the Kings have dispatched armies to march in their defense.  The powerful wizards of the Keep are oblivious, and remain in their Keep with their noses buried in their studies. Once, the wizards of the Havenhold Keep ruled the world and were considered gods, now, they are irrelevant and forgotten.  The all powerful wizards, known as the Ten, are missing and the legacy they built now faces extinction. Ja’tar, the Keeper of the wizards, is confused; the magic seems to be dying and shocking events lead him to believe, for the first time in centuries, that all is not right, even though the Guild insists that nothing is afoot. Jat’ar ponders the inconcievable, that it may be time for the wizards to re-enter society.  His friend Zedd’aki, the only other surviving mage from the days of yore, cautions him against rash action, while Dra’kor and his followers, long for adventure and are willing to risk all to have it.  Ja’tar faces choices he is unprepared to make and risks violating both the oaths and laws of the Guild, which could bring about his swift execution.  But if he does nothing…


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I have decided to add the map from the first book to the page. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to not include the map in the eBooks. There are a large number of display issues with the various formats, and rather than risk a poorly formatted book, I’ve chickened out and succumbed to the evil ways of eBook readers and their incompatible formats. Grrrrr! Say a small prayer here!!

So, anyone who has the eBook can now come here and take a gander at the glorious land. Stay tuned, this image only shows the nearest 5 realms, and is somewhat vague on detail for places yet to be discovered in subsequent books. I already have the new map done for the second book, The Third Sign, and promise it will cause jaws to drop in wonder!

Thanks! ~Scott (aka Wizard)


The great mage wars had culminated with an epic battle at Ror, a distant province in the land of the Torren, where the last Dark Magi were finally conquered, abet at the cost of tens of thousands of wizards.   The battle was waged for centuries, destroying vast swatches of land, leveling cities and destroying their advanced culture.  Fearing future insurrections, the last of the magic races formed a Guild: an all powerful collection of autonomous members, who rule, guide and strictly enforce the Articles of Tofar, a pact that outlines permissible magic use in the Realms. 

For over sixteen hundred years, the wizards of the Keep have followed the Guild’s rules to the letter.  They remained secluded, didn’t dabble in politics and never performed magic in public.  They withdrew from the world and occupied themselves solely with their studies, in part, out of fear of the Zola’far, the Guild’s nameless assassins.  They trusted in the wisdom of the elders; that if they followed the law, they would never again be forced to fight their brethren.  Perhaps they had erred.  Mayhap those dark times had returned.


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